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Gabriel provides a supportive and empowering solution for men and women, especially in mid life to form and sustain the life long relationships that they seek. We are a personal & professional coaching service to help people to be effective in the modern world of relationships. We are not a dating, introduction or matchmaking service, and are unrelated to the “pick up community”

Your Online Profile Makeover

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Increasingly people are finding potential partners online, with some surveys suggesting that up to 25% of people have met a partner via an online dating service.

In our own conversations with men and women, we find that the majority of people are however dissatisfied with their online dating experience.

Although the services that Gabriel By Your Side provides is much more than working through the challenges of online dating, we want to help to improve peoples’ experiences with online dating, beginning with a great online profile.

Gabriel By Your Side can help you to present an online profile that will both stand out and attract the people that you want to attract. In the digital world we increasingly make decisions based on appearance and whilst it's important to for any online profile to include photographs that capture who you are, we think it's also important to use words to convey your story (in particular your values and your vision for your relatiionship) that will appeal to potential dates.

We can advise you about appropriateness of photographs on your online profile but our online makeover service focuses on how you use your story to connect with and attract the right potential dates for you.

Through a one to one conversation with you via video call we can bring out your unique story, using The Gabriel Principle and provide you with your “100 word story” which provides anyone that views your profile with enough about who you are to want to know more.

With appropriate pictures and your 100 word story we can then help you to be proactive with any online dating service you choose to use, writing creative, interesting messages to people who attract you to encourage them to engage with your story.

To begin enjoying a more satisfying online dating experience, complete the form below or click here and let’s schedule your one to one conversation.

Your Online Profile Makeover includes a one to one video conversation with us (via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom) to capture your story which we will turn into your new 100 word story to accompany your pictures in any online dating profile for an investment of £99.  

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