Empowering you to build and sustain relationships in the 21st Century

Gabriel provides a supportive and empowering solution for men and women, especially in mid life to form and sustain the life long relationships that they seek. We are a personal & professional coaching service to help people to be effective in the modern world of relationships. We are not a dating, introduction or matchmaking service, and are unrelated to the “pick up community”

Who is Gabriel

The name Gabriel is taken from one of the lead characters in Thomas Hardy’s novel “Far From The Madding Crowd”, Gabriel Oak. Gabriel goes about his life with quiet dignity and with a calmness that helps him appreciate the things in life that others don’t seem to. Despite bad luck, he draws strength from his experiences – he is strong in character – an oak like strength. He shows loyalty to the woman that he loves, despite her rejection of his first proposal of marriage, and is a confidante to both women and men in his world. His character provides a moral centre to Hardy’s novel.

Gabriel is your personal relationship coach – a professional, qualified and trained to support and guide you. Someone you can trust to do the right thing for you, to be there to listen and support…and sometimes challenge you! Gabriel is someone that is knowledgable about dating and the challenges of building relationships in mid life in the modern age. A bespoke service that helps you through the minefield that dating and relationship building can be in the 21st Century; working to guide you with all the tools available to you but with a real focus on building the human skills that may have become rusty since they were last used.

Who could you be?

​​​​​​​Gabriel might be well placed to help you if you’re someone that sees the importance of having a valuable long term relationship in your life, but for whatever reason that’s just not happening yet for you.

Typically, you are in the middle of your life (probably between 40 and 65, although if you’re younger or older we can still help you). You are likely to have experienced long term relationships and have probably been married before, but are now divorced or widowed. You might have only recently come to terms with being single again and would consider seeking help on how to move forward.

You have probably either experienced or at least looked at the possibilities that online relationship or dating services can offer, but find these concepts a little confusing or not to you taste. You might have had some experience of online dating but don’t feel that it’s really worked for you.

Above all, you truly value having a long term partner in your life and regard it as part of being a happy, successful person, part of a balanced life alongside work, other friendships and interests. You also have an open mind and want to try something new and learn more about how Gabriel can help you in your life.