Empowering you to build and sustain relationships in the 21st Century

Gabriel provides a supportive and empowering solution for men and women, especially in mid life to form and sustain the life long relationships that they seek. We are a personal & professional coaching service to help people to be effective in the modern world of relationships. We are not a dating, introduction or matchmaking service, and are unrelated to the “pick up community”

Peoples’ stories & experiences

Well, I’ve had a number of “failed” relationships, each ending where after a time I have identified behaviours in someone that I indicated I couldn’t be with them.

Steve has encouraged me to be more reflective and really identify what things rise to the surface and how to become more aware of what I regarded as negative behaviour (in partners) based on my personal values.

This has made me more aware of the things I like and don’t like in a partner and in particular to focus on my values and the values in others as observed through their behaviour.

Client, woman in her early 40s

I’m a man that had been happily married for 25 years but widowed 5 years ago. If I’m honest, the loss of my wife is still quite raw to me – but I do want to meet a long term partner to share things with.

Steve has helped me clarify in my mind what I want to achieve from a relationship.

Steve has helped me rediscover myself from before I was married all those years ago.

Client, man in his mid 50s

Hi I’m a single, independent woman not far off approaching the big 5-0.

I found Steve’s approach open, honest and relaxed and I feel that I can open up about all kinds of things. 

It was rather like being standing on a roundabout where I could go down different roads, explore and then come back to the roundabout again. 

Steve has provoked action that I wouldn’t otherwise have taken regarding who I am looking for – but I know it has to be someone who enhances my life. 


Client, woman in her late 40s

I’d say that I’m very much a strong independent woman, I’ve worked to the top on my career and now run my own very successful business.

When I worked with Steve, the time with him helped me to explore and check my thinking. 

We explored ideas around playing the dating game and I realised that with my busy life with lots of travel it wasn’t practical to be passive; I realised I had to become more proactive and get dates planned in my diary well in advance. 

Client, woman in her mid 40s

I work in a professional field and although I’ve never been married or lived with anyone, and I don’t have children, I’ve had a number of relationships through my life.

Steve suggested an exercise which had me take time to think about what I wanted and what I didn’t want from a relationship and a partner.

I wouldn’t have normally sat for a couple of hours and made a list about what I did and didn’t want from a relationship. I must say it was both revelatory and interesting.

The time with Steve so far has also made me realise that there’s more than one way to look at future successful relationships other than marriage or living together. 

Client, man in his late 40s