Empowering you to build and sustain relationships in the 21st Century

Gabriel provides a supportive and empowering solution for men and women, especially in mid life to form and sustain the life long relationships that they seek. We are a personal & professional coaching service to help people to be effective in the modern world of relationships. We are not a dating, introduction or matchmaking service, and are unrelated to the “pick up community”

What We Offer

Gabriel’s services are tailored to meet your specific requirements but at the heart of how we work is a programme of one-to-one coaching which is likely to be built around weekly one hour sessions to enable you to discuss and share your experiences, successes and challenges with your coach. These might continue for up to a 12 week period as your relationship journey unfolds but you might choose a shorter period of engagement with a coach depending on your needs and we are happy to provide one off coaching sessions to enable you to experience how relationship coaching in practice could work for you.

In addition we understand that in this era a lot of the early formation of relationships can result from use of online tools. Gabriel can provide a service that can give your online profile and presence a really effective makeover, including providing a professionally taken set of portfolio photographs, to show you at your very best.

Many people appreciate the benefits of sharing their relationship challenges with like minded people in an environment which is conducive to growth, and so we also offer coaching retreats at high quality resorts in Europe where the programme will include one to one and group coaching as well as additional wellbeing services that help boost your relationship journey and the achievement of your goals.