Empowering you to build and sustain relationships in the 21st Century

Gabriel provides a supportive and empowering solution for men and women, especially in mid life to form and sustain the life long relationships that they seek. We are a personal & professional coaching service to help people to be effective in the modern world of relationships. We are not a dating, introduction or matchmaking service, and are unrelated to the “pick up community”


Frequently asked questions 

Is Gabriel a dating or matchmaking service?

No, we work with men and women who might well be using dating services (such as online dating apps) and want some guidance to help them through the challenges of using these services, perhaps because they haven’t “dated” for many years. Alternatively people might want to come to us because they don’t want to use online dating to meet a partner.

What is “relationship coaching”?

Coaching is a means used to help get someone from where they are to where they want to be. It’s typically used to help someone improve their performance or results with something (be that in business, sport or life). In terms of relationships, coaching can be used to help someone identify what might be preventing them achieving what they want to achieve, to be better in their conversational skills when they meet someone, to be more confident with their partner or potential partner or to better understand their partner and what they want from a relationship.

Will Gabriel help find me a partner?

Although Gabriel is not a dating or matchmaking service, through the kind of coaching approaches described we can help people with both the methods they choose to use to meet a partner and to improve their relationship skills. This will undoubtedly help anyone find a partner.

How would the coaching actually work?

Coaching usually takes place in one to one conversations. These are confidential and are about the things that an individual wants to discuss. Through the conversation, a trained coach will use a combination of techniques and questions to fully understand the situation, and can be both supportive (perhaps to build confidence) or challenging (if perhaps the individual isn’t taking personal responsibility for their actions). The programme of coaching is bespoke to the individual but is likely to extend over a number of weeks as the relationship journey progresses and the coach supports an individual through that.

How do I find out if this could be for me?

In order for open minded people to find out more about Gabriel and the services offered we are holding regular events in high quality venues, where men and women can come along and have a fun evening. During the evening there will be tips from a stylist to help you when dating or meeting a partner, shared experiences from others that have experienced relationship coaching and some tips from one of our coaches. The event will include canapés and drinks.

Is this just for single people? I’m in a relationship, a fairly new one, how could Gabriel help me?

Relationship coaching can work with you in all aspects of relationships, not just the area of dating and meeting new partners. That might be one significant area where Gabriel can help people but equally we can work with people who are in say, new relationships and want to ensure that they are doing the right things to maintain and nurture that relationship. Gabriel is not a counselling service and so is not the best place to come if you are experiencing significant relationship problems that require the work of a counsellor – however there can be overlap between a coach and a counsellor. If a trained coach feels you would be better placed seeing a counsellor they will advise you.

How much will this cost me?

The actual investment to participate in our programmes will depend on what is agreed between you and your coach, as programmes are bespoke. However we can offer an initial one off coaching session to enable you to understand more and see if this is for you at a single charge of £50 for a 45 minute session. Our regular events are intended as a stand alone and we are sure people attending will benefit from them as well as learning about our coaching programmes, there is a ticket price of £15 per person for each event.

I have a friend who got divorced not long ago, would she be suitable for Gabriel?

Possibly. It’s important that any individual participating in our programmes wants to participate, so one of our coaches is more than happy to have a conversation with your friend. A great way for you both to learn more about Gabriel is to come along to one of our local launch parties and have a fun evening; you might even meet some like minded people there.

Will Gabriel teach me techniques that will make me more successful at dating and relationships?

Relationship coaching shouldn’t be confused with the techniques employed by so called pick up artists (PUA) who’s techniques can sometimes be questionable. Coaching is a professional service with a trained and qualified coach who can help each person as an individual with a plan that will help guide them towards achieving their own personal goals. This might involve the use of some specific techniques that will make people more successful with building relationships.

I’m not specifically looking for love or a life long relationship, does that mean I wouldn’t benefit from this service?

Each of us have unique and personal relationship goals – for some this might be finding a life long partner, for others it might be to find a partner for a shorter term relationship without the commitment of it being a life long thing. Gabriel can help men and women (including those seeking same sex relationships) with their own personal relationships goals.